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ms_enzyme Member List

This is the complete list of members for ms_enzyme, including all inherited members.
addCutter(const cuttertype type, const char *cleaveAtStr, const char *restrictStr)ms_enzyme
canCleave(const int cutterNum, const char leftResidue, const char rightResidue) const ms_enzyme
copyFrom(const ms_enzyme *right)ms_enzyme
CTERM_CUTTER enum valuems_enzyme
cuttertype enum namems_enzyme
getCleave(const int cutterNum) const ms_enzyme
getCutterType(const int cutterNum) const ms_enzyme
getNumberOfCutters() const ms_enzyme
getPreceedingComments() const ms_customproperty
getRestrict(const int cutterNum) const ms_enzyme
getTitle() const ms_enzyme
isIndependent() const ms_enzyme
isSemiSpecific() const ms_enzyme
isValid() const ms_enzyme
ms_enzyme(const ms_enzyme &src)ms_enzyme
NTERM_CUTTER enum valuems_enzyme
operator=(const ms_enzyme &right)ms_enzyme
setIndependent(const bool bit)ms_enzyme
setPreceedingComments(const std::string &comments)ms_customproperty
setSemiSpecific(const bool value)ms_enzyme
setTitle(const char *str)ms_enzyme
UNDEFINED_CUTTER enum valuems_enzyme
verifyEnzyme(ms_errs *errObj) const ms_enzyme
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