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ms_group Member List

This is the complete list of members for ms_group, including all inherited members.
addPermittedTask(const matrix_science::ms_security_task &task)ms_group
addUser(const int userID)ms_group
clearParam(const std::string name)ms_group
deleteUser(const int userID)ms_group
getAllUserIDs(const void *const security=NULL, const int voidSortby=1) const ms_group
getID() const ms_group
getName() const ms_group
getPermittedTasks() const ms_group
getStringParam(const std::string name, std::string &param) const ms_group
getStringParam(const std::string name) const ms_group
GROUPID_DAEMONS enum valuems_group
GROUPID_GUESTS enum valuems_group
GROUPID_INTEGRA_SYSTEM enum valuems_group
GROUPID_LAST enum valuems_group
GROUPID_POWERUSERS enum valuems_group
isUserInGroup(const int userID) const ms_group
ms_group(const int groupID, const std::string groupName)ms_group
removePermittedTask(const int taskID)ms_group
saveStringParam(const std::string name, const std::string param)ms_group
setID(int newVal)ms_group
setName(const std::string newVal)ms_group
setPermittedTasks(matrix_science::ms_security_tasks &tasks)ms_group
systemids enum namems_group
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