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ms_session Member List

This is the complete list of members for ms_session, including all inherited members.
appendErrors(const ms_errors &src)ms_errors
canResultsFileBeViewed(const int userID) const ms_session
clearParam(const std::string name)ms_session
matrix_science::ms_errors::copyFrom(const ms_errors *right)ms_errors
getBoolParam(const std::string name, bool &param) const ms_session
getDoubleParam(const std::string name, double &param) const ms_session
getDoubleParam(const std::string name) const ms_session
getEmailAddress() const ms_session
getErrorHandler() const ms_errors
getFullUserName() const ms_session
getID() const ms_session
getIntParam(const std::string name, int &param) const ms_session
getIntParam(const std::string name) const ms_session
getIPAddress() const ms_session
getLastAccessed() const ms_session
getLastError() const ms_errors
getLastErrorString() const ms_errors
getLongParam(const std::string name, long &param) const ms_session
getLongParam(const std::string name) const ms_session
getParams() const ms_session
getPermittedTasks() const ms_session
getSpoofableUsers() const ms_session
getStringParam(const std::string name, std::string &param) const ms_session
getStringParam(const std::string name) const ms_session
getTimeout() const ms_session
getTimeParam(const std::string name, time_t &param) const ms_session
getTimeParam(const std::string name) const ms_session
getUserID() const ms_session
getUserName() const ms_session
getUserType() const ms_session
isFastaPermitted(const std::string database) const ms_session
isPermitted(const int taskID) const ms_session
isPermitted_double(const int taskID, const double value) const ms_session
isPermitted_long(const int taskID, const long value) const ms_session
isPermitted_string(const int taskID, const std::string value) const ms_session
isSecurityEnabled() const ms_session
isTimedOut() const ms_session
isValid() const ms_errors
ms_session(const std::string session_id="")ms_session
ms_session(const std::string userName, const std::string userPassword)ms_session
ms_session(const std::string userName, const std::string connectionID, const std::string database)ms_session
ms_session(const int timeout, const std::string prefix)ms_session
saveBoolParam(const std::string name, bool param)ms_session
saveDoubleParam(const std::string name, double param)ms_session
saveIntParam(const std::string name, int param)ms_session
saveLongParam(const std::string name, long param)ms_session
saveStringParam(const std::string name, const std::string param)ms_session
saveTimeParam(const std::string name, time_t param)ms_session
setPermittedTasks(const matrix_science::ms_security_tasks &val)ms_session
update(const ms_security &sec)ms_session
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