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ms_user Member List

This is the complete list of members for ms_user, including all inherited members.
clearParam(const std::string name)ms_user
getEmailAddress() const ms_user
getEncryptedPassword() const ms_user
getFullName() const ms_user
getID() const ms_user
getName() const ms_user
getPasswordExpiry() const ms_user
getStringParam(const std::string name, std::string &param) const ms_user
getStringParam(const std::string name) const ms_user
getUserType() const ms_user
hasPasswordExpired() const ms_user
isAccountEnabled() const ms_user
ms_user(const int userID, const std::string userName, const std::string password, const long passwordExpiry, const std::string fullName, const std::string emailAddress, const usertype userType, const bool enabled)ms_user
saveStringParam(const std::string name, const std::string param)ms_user
setAccountEnabled(bool newVal)ms_user
setEmailAddress(std::string newVal)ms_user
setEncryptedPassword(std::string newVal)ms_user
setFullName(std::string newVal)ms_user
setID(int newVal)ms_user
setName(std::string newVal)ms_user
setPassword(std::string barePassword)ms_user
setPasswordExpiry(time_t newVal)ms_user
setUserType(usertype newVal)ms_user
systemids enum namems_user
USER_AGENT_STRING enum valuems_user
USER_COMPUTER_NAME enum valuems_user
USER_INTEGRA enum valuems_user
USER_IP_ADDRESS enum valuems_user
USER_NORMAL enum valuems_user
USER_SECURITY_DISABLED enum valuems_user
USER_WEBAUTH enum valuems_user
USERID_ADMINISTRATOR enum valuems_user
USERID_CMDLINE enum valuems_user
USERID_DAEMON enum valuems_user
USERID_GUEST enum valuems_user
USERID_INTEGRA_SYSTEM enum valuems_user
USERID_LAST enum valuems_user
USERID_PUBLIC_SEARCHES enum valuems_user
usertype enum namems_user
validatePassword(const std::string pwd, int &errorFlag) const ms_user

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