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ms_zip Member List

This is the complete list of members for ms_zip, including all inherited members.
appendErrors(const ms_errors &src)ms_errors
compressMore(const std::string &dataIn)ms_zip
compressMore(const unsigned char *dataIn, const unsigned long inputLen, unsigned char *dataOut, unsigned long *outputLen)ms_zip
copyFrom(const ms_zip *right)ms_zip
matrix_science::ms_errors::copyFrom(const ms_errors *right)ms_errors
getErrorHandler() const ms_errors
getLastError() const ms_errors
getLastErrorString() const ms_errors
getUnZipped(unsigned char *buffer, const unsigned long len) const ms_zip
getUnZipped() const ms_zip
getUnZippedLen() const ms_zip
getZipped(unsigned char *buffer, const unsigned long len) const ms_zip
getZipped() const ms_zip
getZippedLen() const ms_zip
isValid() const ms_errors
ms_zip(const bool isZipped, const unsigned char *buffer, const unsigned long len)ms_zip
ms_zip(const bool isZipped, const std::string &buffer)ms_zip
ms_zip(const bool isZipped)ms_zip [explicit]
ms_zip(const ms_zip &src)ms_zip
operator=(const ms_zip &right)ms_zip
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