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Using the singleHit parameter to return a single protein
[Mascot results file module]

The singleHit parameter for ms_proteinsummary and ms_peptidesummary should only be used for retrieving the results for a single protein. The purpose of the parameter is to do the retrieval more quickly than by generating a full results file object. This is used, for example, in the Mascot Server protein view report.

Note that the value passed as the singleHit parameter will be different in these two cases. However, in both cases the single protein hit can be obtained using ms_mascotresults::getHit(1).

Getting a single hit from the protein summary

The parameters when creating an ms_proteinsummary object should be as follows:

Getting a single hit from the peptide summary

Mascot Server 2.3 introduced caching of results files for peptide summary reports. See Using the ms_peptidesummary cache file for for details. If caching is enabled, opening the results file in the usual way is as fast as using the singleHit parameter.

For backwards compatibility, and when caching is disabled, you can still use the singleHit parameter. In that case, the parameters when creating an ms_peptidesummary object should be as follows:

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