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Matrix Science Mascot Parser toolkit

o*Matrix Science Mascot Parser toolkit

o*License information for Mascot Parser

o*Release notes and version history

o*Updating from earlier versions of Mascot Parser

o*Deprecated List


|o+Installing Mascot Parser

|o+Getting started with Mascot Parser

|o+Mascot results file module

|o+Mascot configuration files module

||o*Configuration files

||o*Examples for the configuration files module

||o*Fixed values for quantitation.xml



|o+Mascot security and authentication module

|o+Mascot utilities and tools module

|o+Shared classes for handling errors and warnings in Mascot Parser modules

|o+Quantitation analysis for Mascot Server and Distiller

|o+Classes for calculating masses of peptides and fragments.

|\+Accessing a Mascot Server using HTTP

o*Class Members

o*Graphical Class Hierarchy

o+Namespace List

o*Namespace Members