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ms_dbprocessors Class Reference
[Mascot configuration files module]

Represent a single dabatase entry in the Processors section. More...

#include <ms_processoroptions.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 ms_dbprocessors ()
 Default constructor.
 ms_dbprocessors (const ms_dbprocessors &src)
 Copying constructor.
 ~ms_dbprocessors ()
void appendThreadProcessorID (const int proccessorID)
 Adds a new thread with a processor ID to the list.
void clearThreads ()
 Deletes all threads (processor IDs) from the entry.
void copyFrom (const ms_dbprocessors *right)
 Can be used to create a copy of another object.
void defaultValues ()
 Initialises the instance with default values.
std::string getName () const
 Return database name for the entry.
int getNumberOfThreads () const
 Returns a number of values (threads/processor IDs) specified for the database.
int getThreadProcessorID (const int threadIndex) const
 Returns a single processor ID by its index from 0 to (getNumberOfThreads()-1).
ms_dbprocessorsoperator= (const ms_dbprocessors &right)
 Assinment operator for C++ client applications.
void setName (const char *str)
 Change the database name of the entry.

Detailed Description

Represent a single dabatase entry in the Processors section.

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