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Examples for the configuration files module
[Mascot configuration files module]

The source code for these examples are in the 'examples' directory. For details on how to compile and run these examples see:

Description Perl C++ Java Python C#
Reading the mascot.dat file config_mascotdat.cpp config_mascotdat.cs
Reading the enzymes file config_enzymes.cpp config_enzymes.cs
Reading the fragmentation rules file config_fragrules.cpp config_fragrules.cs
Reading the mascot.license file config_license.cpp -
Reading the masses file config_masses.cpp config_masses.cs
Reading the modifications from mod_file config_modfile.cpp config_modfile.cs
Determining the computer CPU configuration config_procs.cpp config_procs.cs
Reading the taxonomy file config_taxonomy.cpp config_taxonomy.cs
Reading the quantitation.xml file config_quantitation.cpp config_quantitation.cs
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