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Examples for the results file module
[Mascot results file module]

The source code for these examples are in the 'examples' directory. For details on how to compile and run these examples see:

The quick guide Quickstart: how to open a results file shows how to get very basic information from the search result files with just a few lines of code. The following examples are more comprehensive.

Description Perl C++ Java Python C#
Error handling resfile_error.cpp resfile_error.cs
Retrieving information about the search resfile_info.cpp resfile_info.cs
Retrieving the input spectrum for the search results resfile_input.cpp resfile_input.cs
Retrieving the search parameters from the search results resfile_params.cpp resfile_params.cs
Retrieving peptide or protein summary information from the search results resfile_summary.cpp resfile_summary.cs
To repeat a search repeat_search.cpp repeat_search.cs
To create a Mascot Generic File (mgf) from search results - - create_mgf.cs
To display peptide level information (cgi) - peptide_list.cpp - - -

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