Posted by Web Master (November 29, 2000)

BioVisioN and Matrix Science Announce Strategic Collaboration to Develop Bioinformatics Software

BioVisioN, the Hannover-based biotechnology company, and Matrix Science, the London-based bioinformatics specialist, have agreed on a long-term strategic alliance to develop bioinformatics software. The two companies will combine their cutting-edge technologies in human peptide research and software for protein identification to greatly increase the ability of biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies to turn data generated from protein research into concrete clinical applications.

BioVisioN is the market leader in peptidomics, the application of human peptide research to the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. BioVisioN’s expertise is the identification of previously unknown human peptides (small proteins) and their relationship to diseases such as Alzheimer’s, degenerative arthritis, and various types of cancer. By combining BioVisioN’s research strength with Matrix Science’s leadership in bioinformatics, the two companies will develop software tools that will identify clinically relevant peptides faster, more efficiently, and at lower cost.

Michael Schrader, co-CEO of BioVisioN, said: "Human peptides and proteins are a tremendous untapped source of candidates for the diagnosis and treatment of disease. The strategic alliance between BioVisioN and Matrix Science will revolutionise the way our two companies and their clients can turn this research into concrete results for medical applications." The first joint project involves the development of a new bioinformatics tool that greatly facilitates the generation of molecular data from biological samples and their subsequent evaluation. Already underway, the project uses sophisticated methods of mass spectrometry and data base


BioVisioN GmbH & Co. KG is an independent, venture-capital-financed biotechnology company based in Hannover, Germany. Founded in 1997 by Michael Schrader and Peter Schulz-Knappe, the company now has 30 employees. Major research partners include Applied Biosystems and Roche Diagnostics. Matrix Science Ltd. is a privately held bioinformatics company based in London, England. The company was established in 1998 by David Creasy and John Cottrell to provide software products and services in the fields of mass spectrometry and proteomics. The founders have extensive experience in the scientific software and analytical instruments industries.

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