Mascot Daemon is the automation client included with Mascot Server. For Mascot 2.1 onwards, there are links to install and update Mascot Daemon on the home page of your local Mascot Server.

It is important to update Mascot Daemon whenever you update Mascot Server, so that the first two fields of the Mascot Daemon version number match those of the Mascot Server. The third field of the version number is the patch level, and this does not need to match, but it is advisable to use the latest patch level available.

Mascot Daemon version 2.5

The Mascot Server 2.5.1 service pack includes an installer for Mascot Daemon 2.5.1. After installing the service pack, follow the link from your local Mascot Server home page to update Mascot Daemon to 2.5.1. This fixes the following issues:

  • 11844: Unless there is a Windows security group called ‘Everyone’ on the Daemon PC, the engine launches multiple times, causing a warning about multiple instances. If the engine is installed as a service, the log will show this error: (MDS1106) Failed to register Mascot Daemon Service for IPC.
  • 11879: Task pauses with status message ‘Unable to locate result file’
  • 11902: Allow for additional columns added by users when updating task database
  • 11903: Status listview switches to task list after clicking on Distiller project link
  • 11968: Follow-up broken when server is version 2.5 or later
  • 11973: Unicode not working for VistaDB, SQL Server and Oracle
  • 11974: Clearer messages at start-up if cannot connect to Mascot Server
  • 12031: Cannot submit searches to IIS when basic authentication enabled