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LabVantage Solutions to Enter into Marketing Agreement with Matrix Science for Streamlined Protein Identification

LabVantage Sapphire Informatics plans to provide seamless integration with Mascot® Mass Spectrometry-based Protein Identification

BOSTON, MA, August 5, 2002 – LabVantage Solutions, Inc., a leading provider of Discovery Lifecycle LIMS and Enterprise LIMS solutions, and Matrix Science, the market leader in protein identification software, announced today a marketing agreement to integrate Sapphire Informatics with Mascot at the Drug Discovery Technology 2002 conference.

MASCOT® Software, Matrix Science’s lead product, is a software suite for protein identification that enables mass spectrometry (MS) data to be rapidly matched against protein or nucleic acid sequence databases. The search engine is ideal for high-throughput applications and closed loop automation.

"This relationship addresses the needs of proteomics labs that are looking for a powerful off-the-shelf solution to integrate and automate their protein identification workflow," said Director of Matrix Science John Cottrell. "I look forward to a successful relationship with LabVantage Solutions."

"The strength of LabVantage Sapphire Informatics is in its ability to act as the information hub for researchers across various disciplines of discovery. This newly formed relationship will provide Sapphire customers with a means to quickly search their mass spec data with Mascot’s Peptide Mass Fingerprint search, MS/MS Ions search or Sequence queries," said LabVantage’s Director of Global Informatics Marketing Joe Peden.

LabVantage Sapphire Informatics

Sapphire Informatics is a professionally developed and supported Discovery LIMS solution designed to help researchers integrate, automate and manage their business and discovery-related research processes to bring science to market faster. Sapphire connects multiple, dissimilar data sources into a logical, scalable, high-performance framework for scientific and business decision-making. Sapphire uses a browser-based interface to greatly simplify the education process for end users. Key functional elements of LabVantage Sapphire Informatics:

  • Works as a scalable information hub with seamless integration to leading analytical solutions.
  • Provides assay design and array management with compound management capabilities.
  • Reduces manual tasks through process automation.
  • Supports regulatory requirements such as 21 CFR Part 11.

About Matrix Science

Matrix Science has developed a niche market with bioinformatics products and services in the fields of mass spectrometry and proteomics. Currently one of the hottest areas of life science research, proteomics studies the entire protein make-up of a cell to determine which proteins are linked to certain diseases. In recent years, mass spectrometry has become the method of choice for protein identification and characterization, analyzing large numbers of samples at high speed. Matrix Science has distribution agreements with several leading mass spectrometer manufacturers, and Mascot has been licensed by nine out of the ten largest pharmaceutical companies as listed in Scrip’s 2000 Pharmaceutical Company League Tables. Further information can be found on the Matrix Science web site at

About LabVantage

LabVantage Solutions, a Chatterjee Group company, is the leader in Discovery Lifecycle LIMS and Enterprise LIMS solutions. LabVantage helps customers reach beyond the traditional four walls of the laboratory with solutions that enable information sharing via intranets and extranets. LabVantage has data management and information production software for high throughput screening, genomics, proteomics and traditional manufacturing QA/QC. LabVantage products stand out in the areas of: workflow process automation, open database modeling, and integration of multiple data sources into a single browser interface. The company also offers services that ensure customer success, such as industry and technology consulting, implementation services, application training, and extensive customer support services. For further information about LabVantage Solutions, please visit our web site at

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