Posted by Web Master (December 13, 2000)

Matrix Science Announces Mascot License Agreement with Geneva Proteomics

Bioinformatics company Matrix Science (London) today confirmed that its protein identification software, Mascot, has been selected by Geneva Proteomics, Inc., as the initial search engine for GeneProt’s first industrial scale proteomics factory, located in Switzerland. Mascot is a software suite for protein identification, which enables data from mass spectrometers to be rapidly matched against protein or nucleic acid databases. The search engine is designed for high-throughput spectrum screening and closed loop automation, and search results can be imported into a database for data mining processes.

Mascot has the ability to run on all mainstream computing platforms (Tru64 Unix, Irix, Linux, Solaris, and Microsoft Windows) while accepting data from all the major types of mass spectrometers.

"GeneProt’s decision to select our software for its Geneva facility underscores Matrix Science’s expertise in this field," said John Cottrell, Director of Matrix Science. "I am delighted with this vote of confidence in our technology and look forward to a successful business relationship with GeneProt."

Matrix Science has licensing agreements with several leading suppliers of mass spectrometers for use of Mascot as part of an integrated instrument and processing package. The company has also licensed the search engine for in-house use by some 60% of the world’s top 30 pharmaceutical companies.

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