Posted by Web Master (August 9, 2004)

Nonlinear Dynamics and Matrix Science Integrate Leading Proteomics Software Products

(Newcastle upon Tyne) Nonlinear Dynamics Ltd., a leading provider of bioinformatics solutions, today announced a close technical collaboration with Matrix Science Ltd., (London, UK). Under this agreement, Nonlinear Dynamics’ protein informatics system will be enhanced to provide seamless integration with Matrix Science’s Mascot Server.

Produced by Matrix Science, Mascot is a powerful search engine which uses mass spectrometry (MS) data to identify proteins from primary sequence databases. This new collaboration sees the incorporation of a Mascot interface into Nonlinear’s upcoming protein informatics platform, providing an integrated solution for the analysis and identification of proteins through MS.

The protein informatics range follows the researcher’s workflow, including experiment set-up, 2D gel image analysis, data-mining and MS-based protein identification. The central database integrates all data generated during this workflow and provides powerful data-mining tools to identify trends, patterns and outliers. Following this agreement, the system will be enhanced to enable users to link directly to a Mascot server. This will enable users to perform Mass Spectrometry searches employing Matrix Science’s proven methods of searching, including peptide mass fingerprinting, and MS/MS ions searches.

John Cottrell, Director of Matrix Science, said, "Matrix Science develops and markets products which integrate mass spectrometry into bioinformatics. Our interests extend to all aspects of mass spectrometry in the life sciences. There is a very strong need among researchers for tools to integrate the results from Mascot with data from other analytical sources, such as gels and microarrays, so as to provide additional data management, data-mining, and reporting functions. We see this collaboration as bringing together two industry leading companies to drive the technology forward."

John Spreadbury, Group Sales and Marketing Director of Nonlinear Dynamics and CEO of Nonlinear USA Inc., added, "This collaboration is a significant development in Nonlinear’s evolving portfolio of database and data-mining solutions. Nonlinear provide a comprehensive range of data-mining options, now enhanced with Mascot search facilities, to provide users with the complete protein informatics analysis platform. Nonlinear is delighted to partner Matrix in delivering the latest innovations to the proteomics marketplace."

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