Mascot: The trusted reference standard for protein identification by mass spectrometry for 25 years

Exercise ADM3


Configure Mascot security


Administrator access to an in-house Mascot server.


Implement a system suitable for a core lab with

  • An administrator who can configure the system, but not run searches
  • Yourself as one of the ‘workers’ in the core lab who runs the searches
  • The lab currently only has 2 ‘customers’: the immunology department (Ian and Ida), and the pathology department (Paul and Pam). Create these groups and users.
  • People from the immunology and pathology department should be able to see all results from their own department and they should be able to view the search log and status screen for their department’s searches only.
  • The immunology department have their own private yeast database that they don’t want other departments to see.


  • To enable Mascot Security under Linux, open a shell prompt and type:
    cd /usr/local/mascot/bin
  • To enable Mascot Security under Windows, open a command window and type:
    cd \inetpub\mascot\bin


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