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Posted by Web Master (September 9, 2008)

Mascot Distiller Quantitation Toolbox released

At long last, the Mascot Distiller Quantitation Toolbox is released! This supports quantitation based on the relative intensities of extracted ion chromatograms for precursors in survey scans. This approach that can be used with any chemistry that creates a precursor mass shift, for example, 18O, AQUA, ICAT, ICPL, Metabolic labelling, and SILAC. However, please note that "label-free" is not yet supported.

The Quantitation Toolbox is an optional component in Mascot Distiller. If you already have Distiller, upgrade to this new release (2.2) to get free enhancements for existing functionality:

  • Conventional peak picking in the reporter ion window for iTRAQ and TMT
  • Fast extraction of simple peak lists when the raw file contains centroided data
  • New Proteins tree, structured like a Mascot Peptide Summary Report, in the Search Toolbox
  • Support for multiple raw files in a single project, especially useful for MudPIT-type experiments
  • MS^3 scans can be summed into the parent MS/MS scans for database searching
  • Specify different peak picking settings for MS and MS/MS scans from hybrid instruments where the two analysers are very different

You can download Mascot Distiller from a link on the support page. If you wish to evaluate Mascot Distiller, send an email request to for a product key that can be registered on-line to obtain a 30 day licence.

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