Mascot: The trusted reference standard for protein identification by mass spectrometry for 25 years

Posted by Web Master (January 17, 2024)

Server upgrade

We have upgraded the server hardware and operating system, as well as migrated to a new hosting provider. The website and the free Mascot service should now operate normally. If you discover any issues, please contact us at

We have additionally moved searches older than 1 Jan 2020 to cold storage. If you submitted a search before 1 Jan 2020 and would like to download a copy, please send us an e-mail and we can send you the results file.

The server migration was originally scheduled for Saturday 20 January, with expected maximum downtime of 6 hours. The old server was meant to be running until the morning of 20 January, then switch over to the new server.

At about 16:15 UTC on Tuesday 16 January, we were finalising data migration and setting up the new server when the network connection to the old server was abruptly lost. Our previous hosting provider disconnected the IP feed without telling us. Because they could not provide any time estimate for restoring the IP feed, we accelerated the migration schedule to Wednesday 17 January. We apologise for the unplanned and extended downtime, which was due to actions outside our control.

If you submitted Mascot searches between 14 January 23:00 UTC and 16 January 16:15 UTC, your search results have not yet been copied to the new server. UPDATED on 18 Jan: We have now copied the 14-16 January searches to the new server. No data has been lost. Please e-mail us if you have any questions.

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