Posted by Web Master (February 25, 2002)

Mascot 1.8 released

Some of the many new features in Mascot version 1.8:
  • Error tolerant searching of MS/MS data can be used to find unsuspected chemical and post translational modifications plus point substitutions in the primary sequence.
  • A new search parameter: INSTRUMENT, customises the selection of ion series used for matching MS/MS data. This new parameter has been introduced because several new ion series have been added to Mascot, including internal fragments, neutral loss of water as well as ammonia, and high energy ion series c, x, z. These new series are particularly important when searching data from the new generation of MALDI-TOF/TOF instruments.
  • The default report format for peptide mass fingerprint searches is now more concise, and groups together matches to homologous proteins.
  • You can now save your preferred search form defaults as a local browser cookie.

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