Mascot: The trusted reference standard for protein identification by mass spectrometry for 25 years

Sales enquiries

You can buy Matrix Science products from a number of regional distributors and marketing partners. Quotations will normally be given in the applicable major currency: EUR, USD, CAD, GBP, AUD, or JPY. We export to all countries except those prohibited by applicable UK or EU legislation.

Alternatively, Get a quote by contacting us directly. Sales enquiries for all products may be directed to one of the Matrix Science offices listed on our Contact page.

Regional Distributors

We have Authorised Distributors for specific geographical regions. These Distributors can supply all Matrix Science products.
MS Wil MS Wil distribute Matrix Science products in Europe.
Mass Solutions Technology Mass Solutions Technology distribute and support Matrix Science products in Taiwan.
CloudScientific CloudScientific Technology Co. Ltd. distribute and support Matrix Science products in China. Contact by phone on +86 21 54975000 or by email to
SMAnalytical SMAnalytical distribute and support Matrix Science products in Korea. Contact by phone on +82-32-851-2220 or by email to

Marketing Partners

If you plan to purchase a mass spectrometer from one of the following vendors, you can specify Mascot Server as an integral part of the package.
Bruker Daltonics Specify Mascot as part of your instrument package from Bruker Daltonics to take advantage of seamless integration between the Mascot search engine and Bruker’s BioTools.
Shimadzu Biotech Mascot is the search engine of choice for the Axima and LCMS-IT-TOF instruments from Shimadzu Biotech (incorporating Kratos Analytical)
AB SCIEX Use Mascot for searching data from the TOF/TOF, TripleTOF, QSTAR and QTRAP systems from AB SCIEX
Thermo Scientific Mascot is widely used for searching data from Thermo Scientific Instruments, including the LTQ-FT and Orbitrap
Waters Submit searches to Mascot direct from Waters ProteinLynx Global Server.

Other Manufacturers

The following vendors do not resell Mascot Server, but we work hard to ensure that you get the best possible results when using Mascot to search data from their instruments. Please direct any licensing enquiries to Matrix Science.
Agilent Technologies Mascot is one of the software tools highlighted by Agilent Technologies to enhance productivity on their LC/MS systems for life science applications.
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