Mascot: The trusted reference standard for protein identification by mass spectrometry for 25 years

Access Mascot Server

You are welcome to submit searches to this free Mascot Server. Searches of MS/MS data are limited in size and some functions, such as no enzyme searches, are unavailable. Automated searching of batches of files is not permitted. If you want to automate search submission, perform large searches, search additional sequence databases, or customise the modifications, quantitation methods, etc., you’ll need to license your own, in-house copy of Mascot Server.

Peptide Mass Fingerprint

The experimental data are a list of peptide mass values from the digestion of a protein by a specific enzyme such as trypsin.

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Sequence Query

One or more peptide mass values associated with information such as partial or ambiguous sequence strings, amino acid composition information, MS/MS fragment ion masses, etc. A super-set of a sequence tag query.

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MS/MS Ions Search

Identification based on raw MS/MS data from one or more peptides.

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