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Posted by Richard Jacob (May 20, 2024)

30 years of Sequence Tags

This year we are celebrating 30 years of sequence tags. The technique was developed by Matthias Mann and Matthias Wilm while in the Protein and Peptide group at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL). EMBL is itself celebrating its 50th Anniversary and has been an important center for science over that period. The sequence tag paper was published in 1994, [...]

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Posted by Ville Koskinen (February 16, 2024)

How to run the public Mascot service

The public Mascot service running on this website recently had its 25th birthday: the service was launched in November 1998. The purpose is to let you evaluate the product before buying, but it’s also useful for small data sets and proteomics training courses. We’re a small company and our main activity is software development. The secrets to running the public [...]

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Posted by Ville Koskinen (September 18, 2023)

Mascot Distiller 20th anniversary

This year is the 25th anniversary of Matrix Science and 25 years of Mascot Server, but it’s also the 20th birthday of Mascot Distiller! Mascot Distiller 1.0 was released in June 2003 and it’s still under active development today. Distiller started as a GUI application for browsing and peak picking native (raw, binary) mass spectrometry data files. Let’s have a [...]

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Posted by Ville Koskinen (February 24, 2023)

25 years of Matrix Science

Happy 25th birthday, Matrix Science! A lot has happened since John Cottrell and David Creasy founded the company in 1998, and proteomics today certainly looks very different to the bleeding edge of science back then. The success of any company could be attributed to various causes, but the simple fact is that we would not be here without our loyal [...]

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Posted by John Cottrell (December 12, 2017)

A quarter-century in 2018

That a protein could be identified from the masses of the peptides obtained on its digestion with a specific protease was recognised semi-independently by several research groups. An example of morphic resonance? Or, an idea whose time had come? Most likely, it was just one of many ideas that floated around within the small community studying proteins and peptides by [...]

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