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Posted by John Cottrell (December 12, 2017)

A quarter-century in 2018

That a protein could be identified from the masses of the peptides obtained on its digestion with a specific protease was recognised semi-independently by several research groups. An example of morphic resonance? Or, an idea whose time had come? Most likely, it was just one of many ideas that floated around within the small community studying proteins and peptides by [...]

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Posted by John Cottrell (December 14, 2015)

64 Baker Street

Our London office has been at 64 Baker Street for almost 10 years. Both the building and the street have an interesting history, so let’s take a pre-Christmas break from proteomics and dip into some of these connections. For most people, the primary association of Baker Street is the fictional detective, Sherlock Holmes. 221B Baker Street didn’t actually exist in [...]

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