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Posted by David Creasy (April 15, 2015)

Integrating Mascot into a proteomics pipeline (Part 2)

Parsing the results from a Mascot search This is the second part of this blog entry When a Mascot search is run, the results are stored in a MIME format text file, normally in the mascot/data/YYYYMMDD directory. If the search was a peptide mass fingerprint or an MS-MS search of just a few spectra, then the file will contain protein [...]

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Posted by David Creasy (August 14, 2014)

Integrating Mascot into a proteomics pipeline

A number of academic groups and commercial companies have written their own software ‘pipelines’ to automate peak picking, searching and post processing of their raw MS data. The aim is generally to reduce the amount of researcher time that’s often spent after the data have been collected. However, we’d encourage you to look at existing software before embarking on your [...]

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