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Posted by Ville Koskinen (May 15, 2023)

How old is the software in that publication?

Most proteomics data analysis requires complex and sophisticated software. When you read the methods section of a journal article, it should state the software name and version number, as this is the minimum required for reproducibility of the data analysis. Often it is useful to also know how old the software package is. If it’s Mascot Server, there is now [...]

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Posted by Patrick Emery (October 15, 2018)

Back to basics 3: Quantitation statistics

Mascot Server and Distiller support a number of different quantitation methods. These methods are carried out at the peptide level, the peptides are then grouped into protein families, and the peptide quantitation results used to calculate protein ratio values. Mascot and Distiller perform a number of statistical procedures and tests to give you an indication of the quality and reliability [...]

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