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Posted by John Cottrell (September 18, 2018)

Mascot Server cluster mode

Most modern Intel processors have at least 4 cores and some models have 12 cores or more. Mascot Server is licenced by the CPU, where each CPU corresponds to 4 physical cores, so a single PC is perfectly sufficient for licences of 1 or 2 CPU. If you have a larger licence, there comes a point where it is not [...]

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Posted by Chris Allen (July 15, 2013)

Running Mascot in a virtual machine

One of the most significant trends in IT in recent years has been the shift towards virtual machines. Virtualisation can offer a host of advantages such as consolidation, elastic provisioning, high availability / disaster recovery, multi-tenant isolation, and legacy OS support. At Matrix Science for example, being able to run many different operating system configurations on a single PC makes [...]

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