Mascot: The trusted reference standard for protein identification by mass spectrometry for 25 years

Mascot Wizard

The current release of Mascot Wizard is version 1.2.0

If you have been directed to this page automatically, by Mascot Wizard, you are using an earlier version. You are advised to upgrade to the current release.

Download Procedure

  • Click on the following link and choose either to "Run this program from its current location" or "Save this program to disk". If you save the file to disk, then open it to execute the program.
  • setup.exe (9.0 MB)
  • The install wizard will guide you through the installation / upgrade process.

System Requirements

Mascot Wizard requires Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows XP Professional, Windows Server 2003, or Windows Vista. It will not run under Windows 9x or Windows Me. Microsoft Internet Explorer must be version 5.0 or later.

The current release will run under Windows NT 4.0 SP6a, but the following file formats cannot be opened: AB SCIEX Analyst, AB SCIEX Data Explorer, Waters MassLynx, mzXML. If you wish to work with these formats on NT4, an earlier release of Mascot Wizard can be downloaded here: Mascot Wizard 1.1.2

Known Issues with the current release

  • When Windows Installer 3.1 has been installed on a machine (possibly via Automatic Updates) you may see a "Files In Use" dialog when Mascot Daemon is present and you are either removing or upgrading Mascot Distiller, Mascot Wizard or the old MDRO SDK. The dialog may request applications to be closed that have no relation to the product being removed. Provided that the relevant applications are not open it is safe to click the "Ignore" button. Another option is to manually stop the Mascot Daemon service and then click "Retry". This issue appears to be within Windows Installer itself

Change History

1.2.0 (09-Oct-2007)

  • 277: Cannot open Bruker file placed on desktop in Japanese version of Windows
  • 380: Fixed "update available" message when not actually connected to the network.
  • 393: Removed requirement that MassLynx folders match the pattern "*.raw".
  • 399, 544: Added support for negative charge states (requires Mascot Server 2.1 or later).
  • 408: Regridding could be more accurate
  • 424: Added peak intensity (area) to peak list uploaded to Mascot Server.
  • 440: Display MDRO library version in the About tab.
  • 443, 617: No longer need to modify the registry to support Analyst files.
  • 445: Use new MassLynx API
  • 453: Can’t open MassLynx files with when 4.0 SP1 is installed
  • 465: Support Agilent .wiff files
  • 469, 523: Add mzXML provider
  • 525: Added support for Agilent TOF wiff files.
  • 530: Added support for Mascot Security.
  • 535, 546: Added support for Bruker BAF format files.
  • 539: mzXML provider should discard peaks with mass <= 0
  • 549: Calibration on Axima CFR with data collection in automatic measurement mode incorrect
  • 570: Mass shift in spectra returned from new Analyst provider due to difference in the "t0" calibration value
  • 574: Problem with CDAL if there are multiple sets of calibration constants
  • 577: Support Kratos Axima 2.7
  • 605, 644: Add generic t2d support without Data Explorer requirement
  • 643, 650: Install Agilent QTOF 3rd party Assembly Package.
  • 648: New Thermo API for Xcalibur

1.1.2 (16-Dec-2004)

  • 320: Was failing to save settings from protein chemistry tab of preferences
  • 397: Fixed problem with searches submitted from Wizard when certain fields contain multi-byte strings
  • 422: Analyst file header: data type for DilutFactor different in QS and 1.3
  • 427: Add support for Analyst QS 1.1
  • 437: Fix problems that broke interface to MassLynx 4.0 SP3 and SP4
  • 439: Access to Analyst Wiff files on remote drives requires call to CoInitialiseSecurity

1.1.1 (7-Jun-2004)

  • 364: Will attempt to obtain precursor information from *.t2d files when Voyager 4.3 or later is present
  • 365: Fixed mass scale issues for next generation of QSTAR instruments – requires Analyst SP8 or later
  • 372: If there was significant intensity at the very end of scan this could result in "#IND" values in the peak list
  • 381: Added support for "SIM" type zoom scans in Xcalibur files
  • 384: Wizard was not able to open "*.t2d" files
  • 385: When parsing a text file, if unexpected data is encountered and no preceding valid data was found, then treat this as an error

1.1.0 (13-Dec-2003)

  • 268: The last line of a text data file could be ignored. If the data were centroided, they might all be ignored if there were less than five peaks.
  • 270: Made text file parsing more robust, particularly where extra values appear on the end of a line.
  • 306: Check for empty email address before submitting search to public web site
  • 308, 326, 342, 353: Add support for Kratos Axima
  • 316: Would crash if correlation threshold set to 0.999
  • 317: Don’t submit a search if no peaks detected
  • 332: Introduced piece-wise calculation of S/N ratio because of spectra with very intense noise bursts in one place, (e.g. when laser fires)
  • 337: Allow spectra to have non-monotonic mass scales (due to extrapolated polynomial calibration)
  • 341: Check for update interval was not being saved to registry
  • 346: Better handling of corrupt Masslynx scans
  • 358: Xcalibur 1.4 FTMS data should be treated as compressed non-linear

1.0.1 (24-Sep-2003)

  • 267: Could crash when opening very large text file containing profile data if text option set to peak lists
  • 278: Calibration constant ML3 in Bruker XMASS files was sometimes ignored
  • 279: Mr values were being reported incorrectly because of an error in the mass of an electron; n.b. did not affect m/z values

1.0.0 (12-Aug-2003)

  • First release