Mascot: The trusted reference standard for protein identification by mass spectrometry for 25 years

ASMS Workshop and User Meeting 2013

Our thirteenth annual workshop and user meeting was held at the Hyatt Regency Minneapolis on Sunday June 9th 2013. (Immediately preceding the 61st ASMS Conference on Mass Spectrometry and Allied Topics.)

If you were unable to attend, or want to review any of the material that was presented, the following Acrobat files are available for viewing or download.

Adobe Acrobat pdf Mascot tips & tricks  (4.0 MB)
  Utilizing ion-mobility to reduce spectral chimericy: incorporation into quantitative proteomic workflows
Erik Soderblom, Duke University Proteomics Core Facility
Adobe Acrobat pdf Peak picking for profit and pleasure  (2.6 MB)
  Looking into protein quantification: a many-faceted jewel with some pretty sharp edges
Lennart Martens, VIB and UGent, Belgium
Adobe Acrobat pdf De novo sequencing in Mascot Distiller  (3.3 MB)
Adobe Acrobat pdf Step-by-step guide to successful searching  (1.8 MB)