Mascot: The trusted reference standard for protein identification by mass spectrometry for 25 years

Mascot Distiller version 1.1

This ancient version is unlikely to work on any recent version of Windows.

If you have a licence for Distiller 1.1 and would like to update it to the latest version, please contact us.

Change log

1.1.2 (16-Dec-2004)

  • 390: Axima CFR – values above precursor were incorrect for psd
  • 394: Could not process QTrap file containing neutral loss scan
  • 395, 438: Fix error when processing Analyst wiff file that reported "Unable to fit spectrum data – scan is probably corrupt"
  • 404, 405: Add support for Shimadzu LCMSSolution LCMS-IT-TOF
  • 413: Ignore non-MS functions in Masslynx, e.g. UV trace
  • 415: Could not open Analyst Wiff file that contained just a single MS/MS scan, no survey or TIC
  • 416: Access to Analyst Wiff files on remote drives requires call to CoInitialiseSecurity
  • 418: Fix problem with Esquire data – aggregation of LC-MS/MS failed if first scan was MS2 followed by MS1
  • 419: Fix error when processing Analyst wiff file that reported "The experiment type is not supported for processing"
  • 422: Analyst file header: data type for DilutFactor different in QS and 1.3
  • 427: Add support for Analyst QS 1.1
  • 435: Change Axima QIT Options
  • 437: Fix problems that broke interface to MassLynx 4.0 SP3 and higher

1.1.1 (7-Jun-2004)

  • 364: Will attempt to obtain precursor information from *.t2d files when Voyager 4.3 or later is present
  • 365: Fixed mass scale issues for next generation of QSTAR instruments – requires Analyst SP8 or later
  • 372: If there was significant intensity at the very end of scan this could result in "#IND" values in the peak list
  • 381: Added support for "SIM" type zoom scans in Xcalibur files
  • 385: When parsing a text file, if unexpected data is encountered and no preceding valid data was found, then treat this as an error

1.1.0 (13-Dec-2003)

  • 239: Fix localisation problems in Mass Deltas tab of Preferences dialog
  • 241: Fix localisation problems in View; Range dialog
  • 245: New View menu item to lock displayed mass range when moving between scans
  • 246: Fixed problems with opening file in BioTools and Distiller at the same time
  • 268: The last line of a text data file could be ignored. If the data were centroided, they might all be ignored if there were less than five peaks.
  • 270: Made text file parsing more robust, particularly where extra values appear on the end of a line.
  • 280: Fix problem with time axis when TIC zoomed in to very narrow range
  • 281: Saving files in DTA format now saves a separate file for each spectrum
  • 283: Peak list window could be hidden when changing main window size (Z order problem)
  • 284: Crash when multiple rows of peak list window copied to clipboard
  • 289: Update help to cover Masslynx 4.0
  • 293: More frequent screen refreshes when saving large peak lists
  • 295, 296: Fix problem opening Xcalibur files that have missing scan type in scan filter
  • 297: Save peak list sub menu was taking a long time to display for very large peak lists
  • 299: Deleted peaks were still output when a peak list was saved
  • 300: Dataset Info Window was describing Masslynx files as Xcalibur
  • 304: Fixed problem with Analyst QS file produced from a QSTAR XL instrument ("calib_t0 < 0")
  • 307: Put check in code that apartment threading option is set correctly for Analyst QS
  • 308, 327, 342, 353: Add support for Kratos Axima
  • 311, 338, 339: Add code to check for updates on automatically
  • 319: Could get message "Tolerance range exceeded" if the difference between the precursor m/z of two scans was exactly the same as the precursor tolerance value.
  • 332: Introduced piece-wise calculation of S/N ratio because of spectra with very intense noise bursts in one place, (e.g. when laser fires)
  • 337: Allow spectra to have non-monotonic mass scales (due to extrapolated polynomial calibration)
  • 345: Fixed bugs in Dataset Explorer actions to expand all and collapse all
  • 346: Better handling of corrupt Masslynx scans
  • 349: Processing Options dialog did not display correctly with Japanese character set
  • 352: Some drop down boxes in the processing options sheets allowed editing.
  • 358: Xcalibur 1.4 FTMS data should be treated as compressed non-linear
  • 359, 360: Interim support for *.t2d files from Applied Biosystems 4700 (TOF/TOF)