Mascot: The trusted reference standard for protein identification by mass spectrometry for 25 years

Mascot Distiller version 2.6

All known issues in Mascot Distiller 2.6 have been fixed in later versions.

Updates to version 2.8 are currently free. We recommend all users to download and install this free update.

Change log

2.6.3 (25-Jul-2017)

  • 12776: Small replicate crashes at end of quant

2.6.2 (24-Nov-2016)

  • 11820: Crash on metabolic quantitation with modifications that have an element other than H,C,N,O,S

2.6.1 (10-Aug-2016)

  • 11537: Re-structure peak list tab of explorer tree to display search results for chimeric spectra more clearly
  • 12454: Sequence tag / de novo preferences should include options for J, O, and U
  • 12464: Missing option for ppm for ITOL in preferences
  • 12470: Moving reporter ion peaks from MS2 to MS3 needs to handle multiple children
  • 12471: Missing instrument output dissociation type from peak list options format tab combo – PSD
  • 12472: Missing fragmentation methods in preferences/peak list format on clean installation.
  • 12474: Using ‘Processing->Create Summed Spectrum’ crashes Distiller
  • 12491: Search results missing from peak lists tab of explorer in multi-file project
  • 12492: New multi-file project drop down list only shows old options files
  • 12525: Quant: when min peptides set to 1, get protein ratio of 0.0 for proteins with multiple PSMs but 1 unique peptide

2.6.0 (18-May-2016)

  • 9359: Problem with empty survey scans in wiff files
  • 9543: Want MDRO to contain further ‘structured’ file information
  • 9630: Output an INSTRUMENT= line in mgf for mixed ETD/CID
  • 9661: Cannot process Waters MS^E data
  • 9835: Summing CID and HCD isn’t good enough
  • 10723: Precursor doesn’t seem to work when component mods are variable
  • 10807: No reliable way to reject one hit wonders in quantitation. Change to min_num_peptides
  • 10929: Need to save Mascot server configuration to sub-projects
  • 10982: Opening a very large mzML file can take a very long time
  • 11146: Select to use percolator scores in Format options, but don’t perform decoy. Get no results – should get warning?
  • 11250: Use the AB SCIEX WiffReader Library
  • 11418: Add support for Waters lockmass
  • 11440: Collapsing of matches
  • 11472: fitexy element missing from quant.xml
  • 11482: Quantitation XML does not include protein hit database index
  • 11491: Distiller batch mode can hang when system is under load
  • 11493: Need report for replicate that outputs intensity for each component
  • 11565: Distiller takes ages to shut down with large project.
  • 11579: Heavy isotope distribution incorrect for 13C metabolic quantitation
  • 11704: MDRO throws error when raw file path contains unicode characters
  • 11710: Quantitation is enabled by mistake
  • 11739: HTTP Username and Password not set in ms_connection_settings
  • 11750: Failure to re-determine precursor m/z in process all for Waters Synapt
  • 11766: XIC and scan windows missing on opening project
  • 11781: Xcalibur raw file gives error on opening
  • 11786: Tree (SftTree) does not work on Windows 8 or Windows 10. Just a square blob is displayed
  • 11812: Waters MassLynx data containing many DAD scans clutters Distiller scan list with ‘unknown class’ types.
  • 11815: The peak list format options used need to be saved in the mgf header
  • 11927: Browser reports always use old script if no search toolbox
  • 12097: Crash in quantitaion in remove_duplicate_hits function for a multi-file, memory efficient project
  • 12159: Installer changes for the the AB SCIEX WiffReader Library
  • 12192: Additional summing options to be added to Processing Options property pages
  • 12245: Add new option to PeakListFormatOptions COM interface. TitleIncludePSICV.
  • 12285: Add an option to use Vendor Peak Picking
  • 12312: Vendor Peak Picking support in Sciex Analyst provider
  • 12313: Support new MDRO Experiment type DIA in tree items and tooltips.
  • 12314: Vendor peak picking support.
  • 12315: Support for Waters MassLynx MS^E data provider.
  • 12346: Quantitation report validation fails with Error parsing ‘-1.#IND00′ as double datatype
  • 12377: Changing component order in format options replicate tab causes crash
  • 12417: Error handling when unable to open some part of a project
  • 12423: Speed up peak list XML loading.
  • 12425: The mechanism of remembering what peak list item was selected needs to be changed as it is too slow.
  • 12441: Fix MS-Blast URL
  • 12459: Change Spectrum mz order check from a fatal exception to a logged warning.