Mascot: The trusted reference standard for protein identification by mass spectrometry for 25 years

Mascot Distiller version 2.5

All known issues in Mascot Distiller 2.5 have been fixed in later versions.

Updates to version 2.8 are currently free. We recommend all users to download and install this free update.

Change log

2.5.1 (19-Dec-2013)

  • 11647: Crash on choosing to quantitate if the first scan in the file is empty or invalid

2.5.0 (27-Nov-2013)

  • 10909: Protein view link fails to support multiple databases
  • 10957: Cannot quantitate file from Daemon when security enabled unless already logged in using IE
  • 11007: Problems with replicate tab of format options dialog
  • 11165: MGF issues in multi-file project
  • 11200: Disable normalisation for average
  • 11224: Artefacts in spectrum display algorithm
  • 11229: Errors in URLs for external browser reports
  • 11230: Collapsing of matches to peptides with same m/z
  • 11289: Cannot open a rov file which has unimod.xml with a residue of mass zero
  • 11296: Distiller fails to error when given centroided scans for quantitation
  • 11366: Multiple mods at a single site code is getting confused when peptide has multiple labels
  • 11383: Time alignment failing for no obvious reason
  • 11457: Crash when right-clicking on search results
  • 11465: Project with average quant crashes if you change reference protein
  • 11501: Time alignment of XICs to be redone to use centroids rather than fitexy
  • 11524: No XIC peak for light component
  • 11532: Display ratios greater than 999,999 in scientific notation
  • 11533: Crash after setting simple integration to true after precursor quantitation
  • 11535: Remove ‘(trapezium)’ from XIC label if simple integration fails with simpsons
  • 11541: Crash when trying to open search report
  • 11542: Peak list format options – MGF user parameters not used consistently
  • 11549: Crash following incorrect password during server login
  • 11552: Expose option in UI to save abbreviated quantitation XML
  • 11553: Results cache ignored when re-loading project
  • 11570: Problems with replicate quantitation
  • 11577: Problems quantitating when method includes local mod definitions
  • 11580: Problem Creating Multifile Project