Mascot: The trusted reference standard for protein identification by mass spectrometry for 25 years

Mascot Distiller version 2.0

All known issues in Mascot Distiller 2.0 have been fixed in later versions.

Updates to version 2.8 are currently free. We recommend all users to download and install this free update.

Change log

2.0.0 (29-Nov-2005)

Search Toolbox:
  • Display Mascot Search results within Mascot Distiller
  • Automatic de novo sequencing
  • Automatic sequence tag calling
  • Manual de novo and sequence tag
  • Predict fragment ions from a peptide sequence and overlay them on an MS/MS spectrum
  • Predict mass values from a protein digest and overlay them on a spectrum

Other fixes and new functionality:

  • 301, 377: Can output peak lists with de-charged precursors
  • 354: Selecting project root node doesn’t switch Processing Options
  • 366: Export ASCII profile data
  • 374: Peak list title can include unique peak list number
  • 386: Check for update buttons were reversed
  • 388: Number of decimal places used for precursor m/z in Dataset explorer needs to follow the setting in preferences.
  • 395, 438: Improved performance when merging scans and reduced potential for "Unable to fit spectrum data" error after merge.
  • 398, 426, 486: Modified scan aggregation logic so that it can handle a wider range of scan types better. Also, allow MS3 or greater to be processed when not doing time domain.
  • 399, 486: Identify and process scans that have negative ion polarity correctly.
  • 400: Added UTF-8 support.
  • 401: Improved handling of file names with characters from non-Latin locales.
  • 406, 421: Various performance tweaks and memory footprint reductions. LCMS-Solution: The "Last modified" header field value was incorrect. Analyst: Now returns the correct scan intensity values. Xcalibur: Added support for SIM and SRM scans.
  • 408: Improved accuracy of regridding.
  • 411: Reduced time taken when peak detection is required on survey scans during scan aggregation
  • 420: Decimal places on the general tab should go up to 6. When profile data is exported, this is stuck on 3 dp
  • 424: Output precursor intensity in peak list
  • 434: Analyst: Reduced excessive logging which could sometimes occur when opening wiff files with the wrong version of Analyst installed.
  • 445: MassLynx: Use Waters RAW API for accessing data files. Lock spray and reference scans are now identified as calibration scans. Implement temperature correction to Masslynx mass calibration (Thanks to Frank Morales of McGill University for assistance with this).
  • 451: Crash if try to save multiple collection of multiple PMF peak lists
  • 452, 476: Implemented MDRO project functionality
  • 453: Cannot open MassLynx files with certain service packs of Masslynx 4.0
  • 460: Analyst: Modified scan numbering to account for empty scans.
  • 466, 489: When there is more than one default precursor charge state assigned to a scan group, create a single peak list with multiple charge states instead of multiple linked peak lists.
  • 467: "SCANS" and "RTINSECONDS" parameters can be added to MGF output.
  • 468: Improved avoidance of division by zero during peak detection when noise spikes occur at the very end of a spectrum.
  • 469, 488: Added support for mzXML input format.
  • 479: Peak list table sometimes fails to display all rows
  • 480: Xcalibur: Files that contained ECD scans were missing precursor m/z values.
  • 481: Detect when baseline correction leaves no variation in the spectrum.
  • 491: Allow control over the style of TIC to create.