Mascot: The trusted reference standard for protein identification by mass spectrometry for 25 years

Mascot Daemon version 2.1

All Mascot Daemon version 2.1.x patches have been collected into a single executable file. This will update version 2.1.x to 2.1.06, but will not update files from earlier versions.

Available Fixes

  • 1948: Print window for task report fails to update when selected task changes
  • 2034: External processes appear to be lost if dialog closed and re-opened
  • 2037: Negative ion support
  • 2044: Raw file path not included in scan title when processing with Distiller
  • 2054: Misleading error message when Mascot server URL incorrect
  • 2065: Parameter editor fails to clear mod selections when loading parameter file
  • 2076: Cannot handle paths containing double byte characters
  • 2079: Fails to allow for electron mass when importing DTA files
  • 2097: Browse for folder dialog cannot browse below domain level
  • 2106: Cannot process *.t2d files using Data Explorer
  • 2120: Run Voyager macro seems to be broken in Data Explorer 3.5
  • 2130: Automation error from Integra Daemon when using Distiller
  • 2132: Additional updates for Distiller 2.0 and Mascot 2.1.02
  • 2133: Daemon service has memory leak (2.1.03 only)
  • 2142: Repeat at interval mode of follow-up is broken.
  • 2144: Pause/Cancel/Resume buttons apply to wrong tasks after a task is deleted
  • 2186: Status tab may display an old task label when a new task is added
  • 2203: Change default setting for "Save Distiller project" to true
  • 2208: Parameters editor tab: instrument combo box not disabled when MS/MS unchecked
  • 2213: File not found error if using import filter and task name has trailing space(s)
  • 2227: Distiller 2.0 import will process wrong scan range if scan numbers are not consecutive in data file

Update procedure

  1. Download and save the update program MascotDaemon_20060321.exe (904 kB) to the PC running Mascot Daemon.
  2. If running, exit Mascot Daemon
  3. As a user with Administrator privileges, start the update program.
  4. Verify that the Mascot Daemon application directory has been correctly identified.
  5. Choose to apply the patches.
  6. After the patches have been installed you can delete the update program.


  • After installing Mascot Daemon, you must run it at least once before trying to install the update patch. This is to ensure the Mascot Daemon service is created