Mascot: The trusted reference standard for protein identification by mass spectrometry for 25 years

Mascot Server version 1.7

Windows update procedure

All version 1.7.x patches have been collected into a single executable file. This will update version 1.7.x to the latest revision. N.B. this executable will not update files from versions other than 1.7.x.

  • Download and save the update program MascotPatch_20010806.exe (398,848 bytes) to the PC running Mascot Server.
  • As a user with Administrator privileges, start the update program.
  • Ensure that the Mascot directory has been correctly identified.
  • You can choose to apply all patches, or just selected patches.
  • After the patches have been installed you can remove the executable from the Mascot Server hard disk.

Available Fixes

  • Example result files: Could be loaded, but clicking on “Repeat Search” would always fail.
  • Peptide View: Error graph was using units from the peptide tolerance rather than the fragment ion tolerance
  • Peptide View: Fixed broken NCBI BLAST links
  • Protein View: Fixed broken NCBI BLAST links
  • GetError: Failed to show error when called with a single error number; hence Mascot Daemon gave incorrect error descriptions.
  • GetTaxonomy: Problem getting taxonomy information from the Swiss-Prot .DAT file; could hang Protein View report.
  • Databases Maintenance: Failed to copy required file cksum.exe during upgrade installations
  • Databases Maintenance: Incorrectly rejecting database names containing legal punctuation characters, e.g. hyphen
  • Databases Maintenance: Could sometimes hang when testing parse rules on new database