Mascot: The trusted reference standard for protein identification by mass spectrometry for 25 years

Mascot Server version 1.8

Installation Tips

Windows NT4 (not XP or 2000) Occasionally, towards the end of a new installation or upgrade, the following error is reported: "Error – the procedure entry point __lc _collate_cp could not be located in the dll msvcrt.dll." This problem is caused by incompatible dynamic link libraries, and can be resolved by a Microsoft update, Vcredist.exe. Further details can be found in Microsoft knowledge base article Q259403.

Vcredist.exe can be downloaded using the following link. The file size is approximately 1.8 Mb. Installation does not require any user input or actions except for rebooting the system on completion.

Windows update procedure

All version 1.8.x patches have been collected into a single executable file. This will update version 1.8.x to the latest revision. N.B. this executable will not update files from versions other than 1.8.x.

  • Download and save the update program MascotPatch_20021006.exe (1.5 Mb) to the PC running Mascot Server.
  • As a user with Administrator privileges, start the update program.
  • Ensure that the Mascot directory has been correctly identified.
  • You can choose to apply all patches, or just selected patches.
  • After the patches have been installed you can remove the executable from the Mascot Server hard disk.

Available Fixes

  • Creating compressed files for MSDB now significantly faster.
  • Cluster mode more tolerant of TCP/IP errors
  • Taxonomy changes for NCBI
  • Performance improvement for some MS/MS searches
  • Larger searches are now possible in a given address space
  • Using long file or path names could cause unpredictable behaviour in cluster mode
  • Added support for Maldi Quad TOF to fragmentation rules
  • Rare crashes in cluster mode fixed
  • Molecular weight matches with zero ions score were not being displayed in the Protein Summary report for an MS/MS search
  • Peptide mass fingerprint matches with a variable modification on the C-terminus were not being reported correctly